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Super Skimmer Swamp Race!

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You'd best be der ready for a swamp race Tyrian'. Cause its dat time of da month.

Welcome to February Guild Hall Challenge in March \o/. This months event is full of water and trees? That's right its gonna be a one hell of a wet ride. You'd best better get your skimmers ready for a all out fun water slide of doom around the guild hall. I give you the Super Skimmer Swamp Race!

Dem Rules:
1.) Better have tamed a skimmer with dat der mastery @3+
2.) Have fun if you can see....

Timezone things:
The Event will take place on Sunday March 11th at 8:00 Eastern Time (EST). You'd best better be der!

Prizes (We gots a fews):
1st) 2 Mount Adoption License, Mini Ice Raptor Hatchling, And the option to help me build Marches Event!
2nd) 1 Mount Adoption License, Mini Stardust Jackel Pup
3rd) 1 Mount Adoption License, Mini Silver Raptor Hatchling

Everyone Else gets a door prizes for comin"

Hope to see ya der, if yer up to it!

Lunar Scavenger Scramble!

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OHHH YEAHHH, That time of month again for the Guild Hall Monthly Challenge. Grab a partner or yourself cause your gonna need all the help you can muster.

Lunar Scavenger Scramble- Is this months Guild Hall Challenge! Its a mix of a scavenger hunt and word scramble. Your task is to please the the god statues and find their missing words scattered throughout the Guild Hall!

When/Time: Sunday Feb. 4th 7:00 EST Time (The Event will run 2 hours due to the scale, hence the hour earlier start)

1st Place: 800 Gems/ 50 Divine Lucky Enve./ 1 Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff/Wall/ and Reaver Skins
2nd Place: 25 Divine Lucky Enve./ 1 Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff/Wall/ and Lacerator Skins
3rd Place: 25 Divine Lucky Enve./ 1 Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff/Wall Skins

Door Prize: All Attendee's will receive 25 Homemade Lucky Envelopes!

Don't forget you may work with a partner this go around, up to a max of 2, or take on the challenge solo.

PSA: (Prizes will be the same for solo or duo winners. Keep that in mind.)

Da Monky King says" "Lets play a game!"