Donation, Donation, Donations!!!

Greetings Guildies,

A lot of you asked about donations to help grow Guild Events/Decorations over the past few months. So today I'm going to talk to you about how you can donate, as well as what you can donate to help me and Vial of Salt grow the community and prize pools for the Monthly Events!

Future donations are going to be divided into two categories.
A.) Cosmetic
B.) Events

1.) Cosmetic donations are going to be for general guild decorations. Things like new Event decorations (Halloween,Christmas,Super Adventure Box), or Living Story/Raid and Fractal decorations that would be a awesome addition to the guild hall. Also so we can use these decorations in the monthly guild events.

2.) Event donations on the other hand are going to be used for increasing the monthly prize winnings of the guild events. This can be in the form of Liquid Gold or Raw materials/Items that can be used as extra prizes.

What to Donate?:

How/Where to Donate?:
In the Guild Bank(First Tab) you will see it is listed as Donations/Events/Etc. Here you can put anything you wish in that tab. Items/Gold/Materials and anything else you wish to donate for cosmetic or event donations. Secondly you can mail me the items in game @ Bowzers.3046. I will see to it that the items get to there respected spots.

Last Note: The chart will be updated everyday that we receive items for specific decorations. All donations will be 100% going to the Guild Hall/Events which in return will benefit Vial of Salt and you!!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me in game or discord!

PSA: Donations are 100% Optional. Please do not feel the need to donate, however all donations would be awesome and greatly appreciated in helps to grow Vial of Salts monthly puzzles as well as Guild Hall.

Thank you again! I hope this helps clarify some questions people might have had. I look forward to seeing you all at the next Guild Event!
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