Future of Guild Challenge Events (2018 Update)

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Apr 26, 2016
Greetings Everyone,

I'd like to take the time to give you all a little update as to how Guild Challenges will be handled going forward into 2018. Don't worry there will still be awesome prizes and fun to be had, but some changes will be made to help support and grow the Guild as a whole and offer ways for you to get involved through donations.

1. Starting this month I will be opening all future events to the community via Reddit/ Official Forums to hopefully not only grow the size of the events, but offer more competition. As well as maybe grant us some new members in the process. \o/

2. Prizes will remain to be awesome, but will now be open for your support to help grow the prize pot monthly. Each month I will have a 500g budget on prizes. However if you have extra materials lying around or wanna chip in a few gold, all would be appreciated. You don't have to feel obligated by any means for anyone can come for the events. Its just a way to help potentially get cooler and bigger prizes each month, and a way for you to support Guild Activities. For more information just message me via Discord or in game, (Bowzers.3046).Prizes will still be handed out as follows;
1st Place \
2nd Place 500g
3rd Place /
And Door Prizes for everyone who attends (Out of my pocket)

3. The types of events we will be having are going to remain the same on a rotation every 3 months. We have Scavenger Hunts/ Mount Races/ and Jumping Puzzles. This months as you might have guessed is a Scavenger Hunt so look forward for more information on that to come.


I just wanna say thank you for everyone who has been attending the events. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do this. I love putting together these monthly puzzles for you and hopefully you have been enjoying them. I look forward to seeing what will come of opening the events to the community and hopefully we can snag some new guild members. Thank you again and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them or contact me.

PS. Don't forget to vote for the New Guild Hall there is a straw-poll in the discord for more information. Check under the pins to find the link! That will remain open till next Tuesday, January 16th.

And Thanks for reading this wall of text!! See you guys for January's Challenge!
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