Learning Raid Information

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GW2 Member
May 12, 2016
Learning Raids

The goal for learning raids is to help players in VoS become more familiar with raid environments and new encounters. Players do not need to have experience with any encounters to apply, but they are expected to understand the role(s) they sign up for.

  • Players should have, at minimum, ascended weapons and trinkets for the role(s) they sign up for. Exotic armor is also mandatory. All weapons and armor should have appropriate superior sigils/runes.
  • Players should be following meta guidelines for the role(s) they wish to play and have experience with the rotation for these classes. qT’s builds are used as a standard; however, builds with comparable results are acceptable.
  • Food and utility are always required unless otherwise noted.
  • Players are required to watch guide videos prior to the learning raid, if applicable. These are posted with the sign-up thread.
  • Learning raids are designed to help players understand their roles and the mechanics of the encounters; for this reason, players must be willing to accept personal constructive feedback.
  • Discord is mandatory.
    • Microphone use preferred.

  • Encounter clears are not guaranteed.
  • Frequently leaving early or being late will not be tolerated.
  • Hostility to any individual in the raid team or reluctance to try any encounters and/or mechanics will not be tolerated.
  • This is not a static raid team; therefore, members will not be offered permanent positions.
  • Not every player who signs up will be taken for that specific raid. This is dependent on roles that players can fulfill, the number of players who sign up, and the overall needs of the learning raid.
  • Everyone is equally considered regardless of sign-up order.

If you have any questions about builds, the encounters, or anything else related to the learning raids, please feel free to contact me in game (Lahrun.3704), on Discord (Lauren), and/or on the forums.

  • You can view qT’s build guides here.
  • If you would like to view the qT damage benchmarks for DPS classes, you can find those here. (Be sure to check out the Benchmark Disclaimer to find out more about them.)
  • For the most part, Tekkit’s Workshop serves as the primary guide for encounters that we post. You can find all his current raid videos here.