"MAD KING SAYS:" Hallowed Scavenger Hunt!

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Apr 26, 2016
GREETINGS MORTALS.......I mean Guildies..."Ahem"...

For some of you that happen to miss my @GW2 discord post last week, and may not know who I am, let me inform you...NOW! I have taken the role of Vial of Salt Decorator as well as Guild Hall Activity..."Overlord"...sure..."Ahem"... So now your Mad King invites you mortals...I mean Guildies to join me in this months Hallowed Scavenger Hunt.

Event Details:
Time: Sunday 8:00 EST (1 Hour Before Guild Missions)
Rules: Mad King will explain the rules 5min before 8:00 EST SO BE ON TIME MORTALS!.."Ahem"
Loots: Sweet hallowed loots will be up for grabs....."More info on this during rules"

Future Events:
Starting every month from hear on out, I your "Overlord" will be hosting an in game Guild Hall Activity, things like JP's/Scavenger Hunts/ Mount Races...etc. This month as you guessed is Hallowed Scavenger Hunt. "Mad King says:" LISTEN....Due to me be on holiday these last 2+ weeks this was a very short notice on this months activity, because I wasn't able to make this post but via discord. Going forward all events are going to work as follows: Guild Activity's will be every LAST Sunday of the month 1 Hour before guild missions unless otherwise explained in the posting of the event. The event of the month will be posted 2 weeks in advance to inform you of all the juicy details and then will be hosted on that last Sunday as otherwise explained above.

Activity Rewards:
"MAD KING SAYS:" YOU'RE ALL WINNERS!! IF..you can't make those times HAVE NO FEAR MORTALS...The activity will be up 2 weeks after the Event is held giving you plenty of time to complete the activity and earn your sweet loots. Everyone who completes the activities will earn prizes, but the person obviously who finishes it first will receive a bigger prize. So please I encourage you to...PLAY! MAD KING DIDN'T SAY!!!!!

For now thank you for reading this wall of text.....and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and future monthly events. Any questions please message me in game at Bowzers.3046 or @Bowzers in discord.