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The Vial of Salt Leadership is made up of members who perform specific duties for one or more of our games in our cross-gaming community. You can use this list to determine who to bring specific inquiries to. If you wish to join our council, talk to any one of us. We're always looking for leaders looking to expand the games we're involved in or facilitate those we're already a part of.

The Council is made up of 4 of the founding members of the guild. While each council member has a specific job within the community, you will find that they are active in virtually all aspects of it. The Council exists to support the Community Leaders and guild members in any way possible, and will often share responsibility with Community Leaders.

seven - Community Manager
Guild Wars 2: [Seven.4520] [ActionJesus #11917]
Often referred to as Seven, he works closely with all community leaders to insure everyone has access to what they need to keep things running smoothly, both in the guild and in structured raid teams. In addition, he also handles conflict resolution within the community. If you feel someone has breached our Terms of Service, or is causing problems, reach out to him. Each matter is handled privately and tactfully.

Ares - Website Admin
Guild Wars 2: [Ares.5613] [Camp #1826]
Our Website Admin is responsible for the upkeep of the website. They communicate with the rest of the Council and Leaders to ensure that the website is kept up to date with accurate information, and meets the needs of the community. Ares' also works with Destiny on recruiting.

Destiny - Guild Decorator Extraordinaire
Guild Wars 2: [Kiwi.6924]
He's pretty swell. Most notably, he is the Guild's official decorator, and has invested many hours and gold into building it up. You'll often find him making new jumping puzzles, sponsoring events, and supporting overall community growth. Destiny is also one of a few recruiters. If you're new to the guild or looking to join, you'll be talking to him!

Jacob - Help Aficionado
Guild Wars 2: [Pazuzu.6578]
Jacob is most known for saying "help". You'll understand when you meet him. Jacob provides good insight into the community through active involvement with all members. He hosts and helps with guild run events, and is always willing to help out guild members do almost anything. Jacob is also responsible for our weekly guild missions!

Guild Wars 2: [Itirys.9071]
Itirys is the leader of Team "West is Next". A long time member who came over from an old guild we were all part of, Itirys has always been in a progressive raid team, or has been leading a team of his own. He's super chill, a good guy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable on meta builds in raid.​
Community Leaders
Community Leaders are active in the guild and community in more ways than one. Raid Leaders, Recruiters and Academic Raid Officers, all seek, in one way or another, to help the members of the community by running guild missions, hosting training events to get new raiders experience, and running and building static raid teams. Community Leaders may have several roles. If you have a question about anything at all in the community or the guild, any of these members will be happy to help you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Guild Wars 2: [Paul.2841]
Raid leader of the static team "Heck on Ice", Paul is a pretty easy going guy, but is serious when it comes to understanding and maximizing his raid team's potential. He spends (too much) time delving into meta compositions and builds, learning rotations, and discovering new ways to implement strategies into raiding.​

Orb of Light
Guild Wars 2: [Orb of Light.8357]
Orb is the leader of Team "Alright".​

These are a few of the roles and responsibilities of all leadership members, both council and community leader. As a member of these groups, they are responsible for one or more of the following groups. Refer to above for specifics.

Academic Officers:
Our Academic officers are responsible for helping people perform better in a raiding environment. They run workshops and learning raids, and alongside Raid Leaders make judgments for if recruits new to raiding are ready to raid on a team. These individuals will make decisions about your rank in the guild, and will do their utmost to get you to raid-ready status, excluding raw gold/material contributions.

Recruitment Officers:
Our recruitment officers are responsible for accurately portraying the direction, personality, and function of our guild to the general public, communicating with raid leaders and event coordinators in order to recruit like-minded individuals to our guild. This includes making and editing posts on Reddit and the Guild Wars 2 forums, as well as reaching out to people in game

Raid Leaders:
Our Raid Leaders are responsible for holding weekly raids with dedicated time slots. They make judgment calls about if members are performing well in raid, and take a leading role in moving their team forward in raid progression. Raid leaders are expected to keep up with emerging meta trends in the raiding community, and to communicate their needs to our Recruitment Officers. Raid Leaders should make the expectations their team has clear to everyone on it or looking to join it, as some teams will look to push for speed-clears, while others raid socially, letting clears take a back seat to fun.

Event Coordinators:
Our Event Coordinators are responsible for putting together monthly events for our community. These may includes contests, tournaments, raffles, jumping puzzles, weekly guild missions, and anything else the guild would like to see. Event Coordinators must ensure these events are properly communicated to the guild at large, and are also concerned with facilitating guild donations and guild hall upgrades. If you have event ideas, let these guys know.
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