Vial of Salt is switching to Discord!


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Hey everyone, announcement time!

Over the past few weeks the council has been working on revitalizing the guild at large. One of our goals is to expand our focus to span across games. We want Vial of Salt to feel like a real community. We have so many wonderful people, many in Guild Wars 2, some in the World of Warcraft, others who play Overwatch, and even more who are just friends. Many of us play the same games, and yet often we feel divided.

This got us thinking about how to bridge the gap. In comes the idea of Discord. Discord has excellent chat features that TS3 simply can't touch. My sincere hope is that people will use the Discord chat to find others in our community to play with. If you want to learn about Hearthstone, or play some Heroes of the Storm, or some hot new FPS comes out, there's a huge chance someone else in guild would love to play. Discord allows you to ask in a general chat spanning all of our games, and will help us forge stronger friendships.

All of this said, we're switching to Discord ASAP. You can join by going to Discord can be used in your browser, but I personally love the downloadable application, and many others like having it on their phone. Please note that TS3 will be shut down in the future. We are not really looking to fragment our community between the two.

And that's it! I look forward to seeing you all there :)