[WoW] Raid Recruitment Starting Tuesday


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Hey everyone, it's Whoopsy/Destiny. This Tuesday (11/15/16) I'll be starting to recruit for our WoW raiding team: The Fighting Mongooses! I'll be making some forum posts, and looking for people in game. Our goal for now is to get a good community of people we enjoy, who are talented enough to clear heroic quickly each week. I do want to build this out to be a mythic raid team, but that will understandably take time. I'm more focused on building our community than getting into mythic ASAP.

That said if you would like to join us, we're playing horde on Stormreaver, but if you're on a different server please please reach out to me in discord (discord.vialofsalt.com), I'd still love to have you. Even if you're in another guild, that's okay, as long as we can reach you in discord. Our raid times are Friday-Sat 9PM-12AM EST.

I'm looking forward to building out this side of our community, see you in game!